American Inc.

An American Inc. is used by many businessmen as a holding company, because there are several tax advantages. Formation with all […]

Anguilla IBC

An Anguilla International Business Company (IBC) is an offshore corporation with the following advantages: • Anguilla is a UK territory and […]

German UG (Mini-GmbH)

German UG (German Mini-GmbH, comparable with UK Limited) with the name of your choice. Price includes court and notary fees and […]

Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong Limited (Limited by Shares) with alle fees paid to Companies House. Formation including all cost: EUR 1.290 Possible Add-Ons: […]

Nevis IBC

The Nevis Business Company is incorporated based on the law of the Nevis International Corporation Ordinance 1984. Nevis IBCs are suitable for […]

Portugal LDA

Fast registration process (within 1-2 days), if the company is formed in the morning it is usually registered in the afternoon. The day […]

Spanish SL

The Spanish SL as a cost effective alternative to UK Limited or German UG. The registration process is concluded within 24-48 hours […]

UAE United Arab Emirates

UAE company formation in Ras al–Khaima.The company is the key for a visa to the UAE and can also be completely tax exempt.Cost: EUR 1,790 […]